Sex män i homo stockholm rosa sidan

sex män i homo stockholm rosa sidan

with the question of why to work within a gallery room? Especially the video, it doesnt work without her. Its not like anybody could. And she can do that, and we can do that together, so it works well. Då kan ju belysas att den handlingen är att Bellman passerar Haga och ser tre herrar. KE: When reading about your work, it is often said that you focus on choreography and political action. At the same time; when you approach the actual place and look down on it from the railing above, Sergels Torg turns into a panopticicon and an abstraction. Hennes projekt inkluderar koreografi, fotoinstallationer, grafiska arbeten, video, text, curering av utställningar och olika samarbeten. Innehållet i Lika mot lika går inte att uttala sig om eftersom den inte finns bevarad, men den var troligen inte i likhet med de övriga samtida någon egentlig spelfilm. KE: When you say organizing and movement, does that have anything to do with control from your part? Sense and Sense also became the gap between planned use and improvisation that I was most interested in for this project. Again, I think it relates to the same vocabulary in terms of organizing. ER: I think I never really did differentiate them. Roysdon har arbetat med förhållandet mellan användning och reglering av offentliga platser. The other element of that video is me thinking about representations of groups. So basically I knew I would like to work with her again in a more comprehensive way.

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Marius Dybwad-Brandrud, argenis Faria, janax snickeri, intervju MED emily roysdon AV KIM einarsson.8 2010 på en båttripp i Stockholms skärgård (ej översatt). ER: I have a lot of respect for Megans practice and also a little bit of fascination because I both identify with it and at the same time feel it so beyond myself in a way.  Each time I have to ask What is it I want to do? Av tidiga skådespelare har många uppmärksammats internationellt, som. I was saying: This is totally not a joke, this is not an art exercise. I feel like my practice is very much about language and vocabulary. It wants to talk about pleasure in the domain of resistance sexualizing modern structures in order to centralize instability and plasticity in life, living, and the self. Its more like I presented a challenge and together we figured out how to do that. She really thinks about the deepest practicalities of what it takes for a body to do something and that is a really fun way for me to think about the images that I would like to make. It is really about approaching the concepts of language and the impossibility and the imaginary in ourselves.


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To me it is all quite natural. KE: How do you relate the term performance? Nyare nämnvärda filmer är Kay Pollaks Så som i himmelen samt Lukas Moodysons Fucking Åmål och Lilja 4-ever. Hennes arbeten har bland annat visats på Whitney Museum, New York, Art in General, The Kitchen, Larissa Goldston Gallery, Higher Pictures, och 2010 Movement Research Festival, Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago Zendai MoMA, Shanghai, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Oaxaca, Mexico. Greta Garbo, Ingrid Bergman, Britt Ekland och på senare tid bland andra. I remember when I did a performance at Weld, here in Stockholm, some years ago. Hennes solo- och samarbeten fokuserar på performance i kombination med fotografi, film, text och skulptur. Ecstatic Resistance wants to think about all that is unthinkable and unspeakable in the Eurocentric, phallocentric world order. How do you deal with the concept of ecstatic resistance in your own practice? And I think they are categorically different. sex män i homo stockholm rosa sidan

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  1. Ecstatic resistance set forth a vocabulary of the impossible and the imaginary, but right now my personal practice is more involved in the relationship between struggle and improvisation.

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